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Refined artistry for the human form


Kirk Edward Nilsen II is a contemporary artist renowned for his mastery of medieval styled geometric tattoo art. Drawing inspiration from the intricate patterns and designs of medieval manuscripts and architectural elements, Nilsen has carved a niche for himself in the tattooing world with his unique style.

From an early age, Nilsen was fascinated by the precision and symbolism found in medieval art & architecture. His journey into tattooing began as an apprentice under a master tattoo artist, where he honed his skills and developed his signature technique. Combining traditional tattooing methods with his passion for historical aesthetics, Nilsen creates mesmerizing designs that evoke a sense of timeless beauty and sophistication.

Nilsen's work is characterized by its intricate linework, precise symmetry, and attention to detail. Each tattoo he creates is a meticulously crafted piece of art, tailored to reflect the individuality and personality of his clients. His portfolio showcases a diverse range of designs, from ornate mandalas to elaborate geometric patterns, all executed with finesse and precision.

Beyond his artistic talent, Nilsen is known for his professionalism and dedication to his craft. He approaches each project with enthusiasm and creativity, ensuring that his clients receive not only a stunning tattoo but also an unforgettable experience. With his growing reputation and loyal following, Kirk Nilsen continues to push the boundaries of tattoo artistry, leaving a lasting impression on the industry and his clients alike.

After years of tattooing across the world visiting countries such as Germany, Denmark, Sweden, England, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and working at top renowned studios in Hollywood, San Francisco and NYC, he has now settled down between his two private studios.

Nilsen operates two private, exclusive appointment-only studios in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ & Charleston, SC; catering to a diverse clientele spanning high-ranking government officials, CEOs, tech entrepreneurs, local business owners, art collectors, athletes, musicians, and more, attesting to his widespread appeal and exclusive approach to his craft

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