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Refined artistry for the human form


Kirk Edward Nilsen II is an award winning, internationally acclaimed tattoo artist from Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey.


An aspirant for excellence and proficiency, Kirk has expended much of his life in the pursuit of his art, and perfecting his skills.

Showcasing his portfolio of artistry to one of the oldest, recognized artists in the area, he acquired an apprenticeship immediately.

A true pioneer, Kirk was the first artist to bring geometric / ornamental, engraving, fineline and stippled tattooing to New Jersey; as well as a pioneer in single use tattoo equipment in the state.

Well known for his signature European Ornamental style of artwork.

He opened the first all private and custom art studio in the area, as well as the first studio to use only 100% disposable, single use equipment; greatly raising the sanitary standards of the industry in the state.

Since his tattoo career commenced over a decade ago, he has tattooed across the United States and Europe at the most renowned studios worldwide, visiting countries such as Denmark, Sweden, England, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Ireland.

He split much of his time over the years coast to coast, working in Hollywood, San Francisco, Philadelphia, NYC and Germany.

His work has led him to being contacted by several television shows, and  features in multiple magazines as well as television tattoo documentaries.

He is now completely settled in his private studio in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.

He will be planning some conventions and guest spots here and there, but not as frequently as was done in the past.



Black work, wood cut, mandalas, sacred geometry, geometric tattoos, dot work, stippling, etching, line art, science, neo-traditional, fine art tattooing.

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