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This deposit is for confirming an appointment date. This is removed from the price of your tattoo after the tattoo is finished.


If your tattoo is being done in multiple sessions, it will only come off the price of the FINAL session.



If you RESCHEDULE your appointment with LESS than 2 weeks notice, you lose your deposit and must leave a NEW deposit to set a new appointment.


If you give AT LEAST 2 weeks notice of a reschedule; you may retain your deposit for another appointment.

If you reschedule more than twice, you lose your deposit and need to set another one to book again.



If you cancel or no show for any reason at all, again, your deposit is 100% absolutely NON-REFUNDABLE. Ever. No exceptions. 

This means, under any circumstance, you decide to cancel your appointment and not be tattooed, you will absolutely, 100% NOT get your deposit back. Non-refundable means non-refundable. 

When clients cancel, it is rare to be able to fill spots on such short notice as most of my clients fly here, they are not local.



This deposit adds the additional, mandatory State of New Jersey 7% Sales Tax automatically


All tattoos in the state of New Jersey by law require an additional 7% sales tax added to the price.

This is state / government law, I do not get any of this money, I hand it directly to the state 

Even if you pay cash, remember to add 7% to the total and be sure to bring that as well.

Since the majority of our sales are credit, we are also adding a 3% fee to credit transactions as this is what our credit processor charges,

So on cash, remember you need an extra 7% due to sales tax.

On credit you need an extra 10%. 7% for sales tax, 3% for credit fees.


When you get your tattoo, let's say the total is $1,000.


It will have 7% sales tax added ($70).

This brings the total to $1,070. ($1,100 if you use credit)

I will take the $535 deposit ($500 with $35 tax) off the price of the tattoo.

This will bring the total you owe at the time of your appointment, to $535 ($1070 - $1,000 plus $70 in sales tax, minus the $535 - $500 plus $35 in sales tax)

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